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About us

Our company is the standing director member of the ginger branch of china chamber of commerce of import and export of foodstuffs, native produce& animal by-products (cfna).since 2002 ,we are always the biggest exporter in china,and the annual export volume of ginger is 80,000 ton which is exported to more than 60 countries and areas. company has ten thousand acres of certified pollution-free agricultural cultivation organic base.and have formed a complete agricultural industrialization chain with the integration of planting, collecting, storing, processing and exporting.
All the ginger is from the bases£¬which are under our control¡£our ginger has now adopted iso9001 quality management system certification, haccp certification£¬japan organic jas certificate£¬ok kosher and national pollution-free certificate¡£our products have integrated with the international food quality safety system.

We can supply various specifications and packaging of fresh products

Peoduct£ºFresh ginger; Air-dried ginger
Size: 50g/100g/150g/200g/250g perpiece,or as the customer's request
Packing£º10kg hard-lastic box; 20kg mesh bag;10kg carton or as buyer's order

Size:4.0cm, 4.5 cm, 5.0cm, 5.5cm, 6.0cm, 6.5cm and up
Package: by mesh bag and carton in all kinds of weight.

product: Carrot
size: 80g-150g ¡¢150g-200g¡¢200g-250g¡¢250g Up
packing: 10kg Carton Inner With Plastic Bag

size: 100-150g,150-200g,200g And Up
packing£º20mesh Bag/each One With Net£»10kg Carton/each With Net

Red Onion¡¢yellow(white)onion
peoduct£ºred Onion¡¢yellow(white)onion
size: 3-5cm¡¢5-7cm¡¢7-10cm¡¢10cm & Up
packing£º15kg/20kg/25kg Mesh Bag/as Buyer's Order£»flayonion:10kg/15kg/20kg/25kg Carton/mesh Bag/buyer's Order

size: 40-60g,60-80g,80-120g,120g&up
packing£ºcarton/mesh Bag As Buyer's Order

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